The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting in the Home

The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting in the Home

When most people think of outdoor landscaping, they gravitate to the most common amenities: A garden and yard, a swimming pool or a fireplace. We’re industry leaders in each of these areas at Impressions Landscape, but we also offer another service that’s too often forgotten, especially for how well it can complement these other landscaping items: Outdoor lighting. Also sometimes called landscape lighting, this exterior lighting for your home can add everything from aesthetic to functional benefits. Let’s look at some of these.


Probably the most obvious benefit to outdoor lighting in your home is the way it can enhance the appearance. That gorgeous pool looks even more appealing when flanked by the right lighting, and everything from grass to yard ornaments can be highlighted. Lights can provide the perfect ambiance for a social gathering or just a simple family dinner.


Lighting increases the amount of time you can spend outside, whether on yard work or leisure activities. That gardening project that normally needed to be wrapped up by dusk can now extend a couple hours, and there are no concerns about getting dinner ready in time to eat outside before it becomes too dark.


For you and your family, outside lights offer safety precautions against the trappings of the dark. You don’t have to worry about tripping on stairs you didn’t quite see, or slipping on excess water from the pool that was invisible in the dark. If you have proper lighting out front of your home, it will help you and any guests park correctly and get to the front door safely in case of any ice or moisture.


That’s not the only kind of security outdoor lighting offers, either – lights on the exterior of the home are one of your primary weapons against would-be burglars or vandals. Motion-activated lights are simple to install, and will act as your first line of defense against a potential criminal. You’d be surprised how many burglaries and other household crimes are prevented simply by lights turning on and spooking the burglar. Have questions about outdoor lighting, or any other element of our outdoor living services? Speak to one of our experts at Impressions Landscape today. by seowerkz | Expires

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