The Environmental Benefits of an Outdoor Pond

The Environmental Benefits of an Outdoor Pond

If you’re looking to install a landscape water feature such as a pond or waterfall as an addition to your home, chances are you’re doing so for the obvious social and personal benefits they come with. A pond offers a beautiful, serene place to both relax and host guests, and a waterfall provides soothing sounds and eye-catching appearance to your back yard. You get all these benefits with expert design and installation from an industry leading residential landscaper like Impressions Landscape, Pools & Spa, but as it turns out, a back yard pond can have several additional positives associated with them – not for you, but for the environment around you. That’s right, not only can you add beauty (and potential value) to your home through a pond installation, but you can actually benefit your habitat while you do it. Let’s find out how.

Water Conservation

A back yard pool eliminates many of the watering needs commonly found in grass and plants in the yard. Firstly, they reduce the amount of space that needs to be watered, and replace it with a space that only needs to be completely filled a single time and can be topped off by natural rain water. Installed ponds may need the occasional man-made top-off, but these are rare and don’t compare to constant yard-watering costs. Additionally, you can use pond water to water many plants, and you can even position drainpipes on your house to funnel water into the pond and conserve every fluid ounce possible. If you conserve enough, your utility costs could go way down.

Lower Pollution

Less grass means fewer lawn mowers, which means less gas being used to power lawn mowers, which means less pollution. Gas-powered lawn mowers pollute the air at scary levels compared to other mechanical items like cars, and there are other lawn items which produce pollution as well – these will be needed far less if a pond is installed to replace some of the grass and plants in the yard. Plus, items like pesticides and fertilizers, which can cause their own kinds of pollution and contamination, are reduced as well.


Ponds are a sanctuary for many kinds of fish, plus plenty of other non-harmful wildlife. Animals like frogs and birds are both beneficial to the environment and a great draw for guests and your children.

Fosters Awareness

You’re helping the environment by installing an outdoor pond, but you’re also setting the standard for younger generations to do the same. Your children and their friends will be exposed to learning experiences early in life that many other kids might not be, including new knowledge about wildlife and the environment. They can begin to understand the responsibility we all have as humans to maintain our environment, and it’s more likely that they’ll hold onto these principles as they get older. Interested in learning more about outdoor ponds, other water features or any of our other landscape design products? Our experts at Impressions Landscape, Pools & Spa can’t wait to assist you. by seowerkz | Expires

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