Home Pool Water Conservation Tips

Home Pool Water Conservation Tips

It may seem counterintuitive to be the owner of a custom pool while also looking to save water, but at Impressions Landscape, Pool & Spa, managing both is easily possible. All our new swimming pools use significant amounts of water, of course, but they’re designed to prevent waste and maximize the available space. As a new pool owner, you can take a few important steps to save water here and there as well. Not only will this benefit your pocketbook in the form of utility bills, it will benefit the environment and save water. Here are some tips.

Pool Cover

If you don’t use a pool cover, the total water evaporation you’ll see might stagger you. Over half the water in a given backyard pool can evaporate in a single year without the use of a cover – by comparison, using a cover will reduce evaporation by upwards of 90 percent. On average, an 18 by 36-foot pool loses about an inch of water per week during the summer, a rate that would add up to over 7,000 gallons per year. In addition, pool covers also reduce the need for certain chemicals and conserve heat, which we’ll get to in a moment.

Water Level

Keeping water level slightly lower in the pool reduces any water loss from splashing or water movement. Look to keep the water about an inch above the bottom of the pool tile.


Check regularly for leaks in the pool. Look for damp spots downstream, and any leaking pipes, valves or joiners. If there are any loose tiles or cracks around, this could be a preliminary sign of a leak as well.


If you have a pool heater, look to reduce the temperature when you can, especially during summer. This reduces evaporation-related water loss, particularly when the pool isn’t in use. Using a pool cover plus controlling temperature will almost completely eliminate natural evaporation of pool water.

Landscaping and Utility Bills

A bit of smart pool design can help you save water in another way. Use fences, shrubs and privacy barriers as ways to prevent wind contact with the pool – the wind also leads to evaporation. In addition, check your utility bills regularly, as any big spikes could signal a leak or evaporation issue. Want to learn more about techniques to save water with your pool, or any of our other landscaping services? Speak to the experts at Impressions Landscape, Pool & Spa today. by seowerkz | Expires

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