Why Install a Retaining Wall?

Why Install a Retaining Wall?

If you’re looking to add some style to your property, a retaining wall in your yard can be a great way to go. Retaining walls are aesthetically pleasing and a beautiful way to highlight areas of a garden, plus they have several practical benefits as well. As one of the premier residential landscapers in the state of Utah, we at Impressions Landscape, Pools & Spa know all about the details and challenges involved in installing a retaining wall in a state like this with so much uneven ground. Here are a few primary benefits of retaining walls for your home:

Property Value

Retaining walls are just one of a number of home improvements which can raise your home’s resale value on the market. This isn’t only due to the money you’ve put into building it, either – a retaining wall can increase the versatility of your space plus solve certain grading and slope issues for some properties, all of which helps up the home’s value. If you’re looking to build a retaining wall for your yard, know that it’s easy to end up firmly in the black in the long run if you use an affordable and high-quality vendor like Impressions Landscape.

Low Maintenance, High Function

Once your retaining wall is installed, you’re pretty well set. There’s very little maintenance involved in a retaining wall beyond whatever aesthetic changes you choose to make, and elements like wind and moisture aren’t a concern whatsoever. This isn’t an every-weekend project once it’s in the ground. Down the same lines, the durability of most products used in a typical retaining wall (including the high-quality products from Impressions Landscape) is generally excellent. They’re meant to stand for decades, and can withstand a huge amount of weight.


You’re fully in control when installing a new retaining wall. You can go primarily for looks and wow factor if you want, or you can focus more on the functional aspects of a retaining wall for your garden. Every stylistic decision is completely in the palm of your hand.

Environmentally Friendly

Retaining walls can be built using ecologically-friendly materials and see zero drop-off in quality and appearance. Naturally made products can reduce disruption to other nearby outdoor areas, and can also help block storm water runoff. At Impressions Landscape, Pools & Spa, we’ll work with you to determine exactly which materials we use for your retaining wall. by seowerkz | Expires

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