Planning Tips for Landscaping Projects

Planning Tips for Landscaping Projects

At Impressions Landscape, Pools & Spa, whether it’s a new swimming pool or, a retaining wall or any other item you can think of, we have you covered on all your landscaping project needs. We provide water features, pavers and patios, fire accessories and all sorts of outdoor living services. Throughout all our services, the largest issue we run into with clients? Poor planning. Landscape design is a serious undertaking, and approaching it with anything less than that attitude can cost you valuable money and time. Luckily, these issues are easily fixable. A few of the right planning tips can save you any hassle, plus potentially streamline a few elements of your design.

Get Going Early

Just because it’s cold at this time of year doesn’t mean you can’t get started on many elements of your design – in fact, winter can be the perfect time. Many landscaping projects should begin having plans mapped out at least six months in advance, so really, if you’re looking to complete a project in early-to-mid summer, the turn of the new year should be your target date for beginning plans.

Sketch it Out

As you get started, you’ll want to sketch out a few basic layout elements. The exact size of your yard and any potential items in the way of your project come first, followed by a few design preferences – plants you enjoy, which areas of the yard you’ll emphasize, plus any broad goals you have for the project. Do you need special space for children? Are there any drainage or pipe issues? Maybe most importantly, what’s your budget like?

Store Information

Once this information is on paper or in a computer, make sure it’s stored properly. There’s nothing worse than getting a couple months into planning a big project before being set back days or weeks by such a simple mistake.

Reputable Contractor

Finally, finding a licensed and reputable landscaping contractor like Impressions is vital. Not only can we complete your project to you exact planning specifications, we can assist with elements of that planning that might have you confused. At worst, we can sign off on all elements of your design and confirm there are no broad issues which will cost you down the line. Want to learn more about this or any of our landscaping services? Speak to the professionals at Impressions Landscape, Pools & Spa today. by seowerkz | Expires

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