Pool Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Pool Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

The summer is upon us, and that means you and your family are all set to enjoy your custom swimming pool from Impressions Landscape, Pools & Spa. It also means it’s the time of year when you, as a pool owner, need to spend a bit more time watching out for certain maintenance items. What are some of the common mistakes people make while performing (or not performing) basic maintenance on their pool? Let’s look at a few, plus the correct ways to go about things.

Chemical Balance

Improper chemical balance in your pool can cause several issues, and you should be checking this twice a week in the summer – even if the pool wasn’t used that week. A failure to do this regularly might mean you need to shock the pool, which can keep you from being able to use it when you want to. Also, don’t forget to check the total dissolved solids (TDS) levels roughly once every six months or so.


First of all, pumps need to be run at least occasionally during the off-season for them to be effective during the summer season. Secondly, the pumps should be run during the operational season for about one hour per each 10 degrees Celsius of temperature desired.

Cleaning Errors

Even if you’re not using it, the pool and the filter must be cleaned regularly. A dirty pool is a breeding ground for algae, which can cause both aesthetic and health-related issues in the home. A buildup of dirt in a pool filter, meanwhile, can lead to numerous mechanical issues, and often unavoidable repairs.

Water Level

If the water level is allowed to fall too much, the pump may start drawing air instead of water. This could break the pump, and can also allow algae to form. Check the water level monthly, or more often if the pool is used frequently.


Anytime you have a large number of people using the pool (such as a pool party), or just after a long period without it, shock the pool with a large dose of chlorine. Afterward, run the filter for 3-5 hours. Want to learn more about pool maintenance mistakes to avoid, or interested in any of our landscaping services? Speak to the pros at Impressions Landscape, Pools & Spa today. by seowerkz | Expires

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