Retaining Wall Maintenance Tips

Retaining Wall Maintenance Tips

Many different landscaping elements will require their share of maintenance, and retaining walls are no different. Our landscapers at Impressions Landscape, Pools & Spa will bring you a retaining wall meant to last – but it’s up to you to get the maximum lifespan out of it. With the types of slopes and terrain often involved in retaining walls, there are a few unique elements to their maintenance. Here are a few basic tips.

Ground Cover Growth

Ground cover growth is vital for re-routing and absorbing water along the retaining wall. If the cover has failed to thrive or has been washed away over time by strong water, you’ll need to replace it. This will cover any bare spots, and replace them with new grass seed or sod covering.

Weed Control

Small weeds can often be a big problem for retaining walls. They can penetrate little open spaces, causing the wall to shift in small ways that can create larger adjustment issues over time. Try to remove all visible weeds, and consider spraying the wall with a vegetation control product at some point to help prevent regrowth opportunities.

Movement Considerations

Any signs of movement that have taken place are important to note. These include settling or bulging in wall materials, which need to be corrected to maintain wall integrity. If the issue is near the base of the wall, this may require un-stacking of the wall and refilling of the base with additional soil before re-stacking. Speak to our professionals before making any large changes like this.

Limit Eroding Products

If you use any salt-related de-icing products, these can create erosion issues around concrete. Check with your local garden supply center for alternatives that won’t be harmful to the concrete.

Yearly Inspection

Including each of the above tasks and more, inspect the wall annually. Search for any low spots that may have developed, and fill them with sod until optimal drainage levels are reached. Check for any other visible damage, including loose stones or slippage. Want to learn more about retaining wall maintenance, or any of our other landscaping services? Speak to the experts at Impressions Landscape, Pools & Spa today. by seowerkz | Expires

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