Safety Tips for Outdoor Fireplaces

Safety Tips for Outdoor Fireplaces

At Impressions Landscape, Pool & Spa, we take our responsibility as your landscaping experts seriously – not only for design and installation elements but for safety as well. All our services are installed with specific safety guidelines in mind, and our technicians are happy to give tips and pointers for any safety element you might be concerned about. One of our services that require some of the most cautions is our wide selection of outdoor fireplaces. Everyone loves an outdoor fire and the atmosphere, but it’s important to stay safe, especially if children are present. Here are a few basic tips.

Fire Size

Simply put, the bigger the fire, the larger the risk associated with it. It’s always fun to have a big, blazing bonfire, but this also sets up more potential for issues. When there are children around, or if there’s alcohol present, look to keep fire size generally small – no more than two or three feet in the air, and well contained within the fire pit.


Your fire pit should be at least 10 feet away from any major structure or combustible surface, including chairs or other items. If the fire is larger, expand this to 15 feet or even more. If there are children around, especially if they’re doing anything more than sitting still, consider making a physical line or barrier to stop them from getting closer than this.

Wind, Weather, Debris and Ordinances

Windy conditions can blow embers around and start fires in the wrong places, so watch out for this if you’re planning a fire. Down similar lines, to prevent the spread of embers, clean up leaves and other debris from the nearby area, just in case any sparks fly. Also, pay attention to any fire ordinances in your area. Various cities or towns may have fire bans for certain parts of the year, and if this is the case, it’s for a good reason – follow it.


The safest way to extinguish a fire is to use a prodding device to spread ashes over the entire surface area of the fire, once major flames have gone down. From here, take a small container of water and gently pour it over the ashes. Stay and monitor the fire until all the embers are fully out – these can restart during the night. On top of this, make sure you always have a water container present during a fire. Want to learn more about fireplace safety, or interested in scheduling an appointment for any of our other landscaping services? Speak to the experts at Impressions Landscape, Pool & Spa today. by seowerkz | Expires

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