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Catch the attention of onlookers and gain admiration from your neighbors with a beautiful landscape design in Utah, at the care of Impressions Landscape. In a neighborhood where every house tends to look the same, a uniquely designed and meticulously put-together landscape sets your home apart. We have substantial experience in creating stunning landscape designs that make your home stand out and add value to your property.

While we take pride in bringing valuable knowledge, experience, and insight into every project, we recognize that success can only happen if we take the time to listen to our clients. So we sit down with you to understand how you envision your custom residential landscaping in Salt Lake City before we begin any work.

As a preferred landscape contractor in Utah, we have the tools and capability to help you realize your dream landscape. We create simple sketches as a jump-off point for more elaborate landscape designs, and we also provide realistic 2D or 3D rendered-drawings of your new lawn. With our sketches and drawings, we make sure that the finished product is just as you envisioned.

Landscape Design in Utah

A home can only look as good as its surroundings, and while a mowed lawn, a fence, and a few trees here and there are enough for some households, professional landscaping in Utah is a must if your home is to stand out from the rest.

Our Design Process

Our process for creating custom landscape designs in Utah begins with an in-home meeting where we evaluate your property and learn about your requirements and preference for certain styles. You may show us photos of landscape designs you find attractive, so we can use them as an inspiration in creating your unique site plan.

After the initial meeting, we conduct a more comprehensive site analysis. At this stage, we take note of potential drainage issues, changes in elevation, and other factors that may affect the project. We then create a scaled drawing of your property based on these meetings.

See Our Previous Projects

Browse through our portfolio to see the scope and standard of the work we provide. From paving driveways up to creating natural rock and water formations, Impressions Landscape has done it all. Yet we have barely scratched the surface of our team’s professional and creative capabilities.

We are always looking for ways to impress our clients, so in turn, our clients can impress their guests. Our landscaping services in Salt Lake City, Sandy, and other parts of Utah have breathed new life to countless residential and commercial properties, always putting the stylistic sensibilities of their owners first. After all, places with great views are places with great ability to relax the body and mind. With Impressions Landscape, you can enjoy these things in the comfort of your own backyard.

This Is Where We Excel

Good landscaping turns simple, natural elements like rock, water, and plants into eye candy. Our company’s team of landscape architects and builders have dedicated years of their lives learning what works and what does not, and they are still learning. Expect them to work closely with you to understand the type of landscape you want for your property.

Impressions Landscape takes pride in its long list of satisfied customers, and all this is a result of our commitment to serve and help our clients turn their homes into artistic expressions of themselves.

Call Impressions Landscape today so we can discuss your landscape design. You can also call or send us an email for your inquiries and to receive a free quote.

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