Unique Custom Fire Features

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Impressive, High-Quality Fire Features

Impressions Landscape provides a full range of services dedicated to helping homeowners across Utah improve the look and functionality of their outdoor spaces. If you want a low-maintenance, yet striking, addition to an otherwise plain outdoor living area, a fire feature is an excellent idea.

We offer a robust selection of fire features, from simple, minimalist styles to intricately-designed units. We help you select and design your fire feature to make sure it integrates seamlessly with the rest of the space.

Create the Perfect Space for Gatherings

According to research, gathering around a fire helps people relax, causing the blood pressure to drop to normal levels. Lounging by the fire makes them calmer and more sociable, making fire features the perfect addition the favorite outdoor hangout of family and friends.

There’s nothing like sitting with your loved ones around an open fire in the comfort of your own backyard. Install a fireplace near the pool or in the middle of your patio, and you can quickly transform your outdoor space into a perfect hangout where you can go for some quiet time, relax with family, or entertain friends.

Impressive Design

Impressions Landscape recognizes what fire features can do to an outdoor space. So, we are here to design and build one for you! Whether it’s a patio fire pit or pool fire bowl, our landscape architects can design the perfect fire feature for your backyard.

Our architects work closely with you to fulfill whatever you’ve envisioned for the fire elements in your pool, deck, or patio. More importantly, they are always updated with the latest design trends, including the hottest in fire features. If you work with us, expect designs that aren’t only functional, but impressive, as well.

High Standard of Workmanship

We observe high quality of workmanship, at all times — from the design phase through the installation period. Our team of skilled builders will proficiently execute what our architects have designed for you. We have trained our builders to be thorough and prompt, so you can enjoy your renovated backyard, as soon as possible. Also, we always remind them to be respectful to you and your property. After all, your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

Let us design and build fire features for your backyard, and you’ll see how we can do wonders for your outdoor space.

Contact us today, and our customer representative will be happy to schedule a landscape consultation for you.

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