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If you’re looking for hardscape that can dramatically transform your outdoor space, retaining walls may be for you. Impressions Landscape is a well-respected name when it comes to retaining wall installation. Installing retaining walls is not an easy feat, but our experienced team is ready to take on the challenge.

We Love Challenges

Retaining walls or installing intricate rock works are a rarity in Utah residential exteriors, and for good reason. They can be tricky to install, even trickier to install stylishly. This premium feel to a well-placed retaining wall makes it even more enticing for many homeowners in Sandy and Salt Lake City. Impressions Landscape is a local company that tackles this exact type of project in a manner clients can rely on, bringing stylistic and functional flair to a variety of outdoor spaces.

Whether the plan is to introduce elevation to an otherwise flat landscape, or to create a distinct boundary between outdoor areas (e.g. pool and lounge), Impressions Landscape can build retaining walls in your property that meet the standards of construction and safety, and seamlessly match the appearance of the entire area.

We Have Your Needs in Mind

Retaining walls fulfill many purposes other than aesthetics. These can help control water runoff and drainage, manage ground slopes, and prevent erosion. If you have a specific purpose for having retaining walls installed, let us know.

Our knowledgeable consultants provide valuable insights into the kind of design that best suits your property and requirements. Along with giving you design advice, we may discuss the feasibility of incorporating draining systems into a draining wall and proper retaining wall placement, among other concerns.

We Customize Your Retaining Walls

We usually use natural stone in building retaining walls, as this material makes a more distinct border. The texture and appearance of natural stone is also ideal for giving certain areas of the landscape accent.

While natural stone is the most common choice for retaining walls, you have other options, such as concrete blocks, manufactured stone, and more. We fully customize the color of these materials so that they match any existing architecture or feature. We can also include unique design elements to complete your outdoor aesthetic.

Custom Retaining Walls that Match Your Space

From the simple sophistication of block walls to the natural ruggedness of wall stones, Impressions Landscape can build the structure that suits your property’s style. Our team will work closely with you to find right the type of material to use and achieve the look you want. Generally, we use rock instead of treated timber for our retaining wall projects, due to its longer lifespan and higher resistance to erosion.

Retaining walls not only serve as a landscaping feature. They can solve site problems, such as the lack of usable land and improper grading/slope. If you are a homeowner looking to add retaining walls to your property’s exterior, hire a landscaping company that can build ones that will last. Hire Impressions Landscape.

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