Winter Lawn Care Tips

Winter Lawn Care Tips

It’s common to assume that lawn care ends during these cold winter months, but at Impressions Landscape, we’re your lawn experts at any time of year. There are indeed a few items you may not have to pay as much attention to while snow is on the ground – you aren’t breaking out the mower, for instance – but there are plenty of others that can really make a difference for your lawn. What are some of these winter lawn care items you can focus on? Let’s take a look.

Objects on Ground

You may not think much of that play truck your three-year-old left on the ground as the snow began to fall, but you’ll care a lot more during the spring thaw when your grass that was in that area is matted, discolored or simply completely dead. Any items like these left on the grass over a long period of time while snow is down will cause damage due to the weight of the object, and in cases where you fertilized during the fall (more on this later), items may block fertilizer from doing its job. Before the winter gets started, be sure to do a careful sweep of your entire yard.

Foot Traffic

Keeping with that same concept, try to limit general foot traffic across your lawn whenever possible – especially involving items like steel cleats or sharp high heels which might cause specific damage. Consistent pressure on the grass beyond the simple snowfall can cause some of the same dead grass issues as an object left over the winter, as well. Never allow anyone to drive or park on your lawn for any reason, even for a short time.

Fall Preparation

It may be too late as you read this for some of these elements, but winter comes every year and there are several bits of fall maintenance you should plan on every year to keep your grass healthy:
  • Fertilizing: Fertilizing during the final weeks of fall, directly before the first freeze if possible, is the most beneficial time possible. Frost often holds the fertilizer in the grass for weeks or months, allowing it to truly seep in.
  • Clear debris from yard.
  • Rake away leaves, dirt, and other items.
  • Cut grass shorter as fall is nearing its end to help prevent mice and protect new grass growth.
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